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The Slow Recovery

Written by Teguh Nguyen

I have psoriasis. I have had it for fourteen years. There is really nothing else I can say about it. except it has been fourteen years of bleeding, and itchiness. and worries. I had had been told by doctors that it was something that could be manageable only with medicines. And for fourteen years I believed them. But when I got divorced, it gave me a reason to believe that I shouldn’t hold the ideas of what should and shouldn’t be so close.

When I got married, I thought that in the throws of the moment, that I was going to be married forever. My wife and I, although we had some rough patches, got on like a house on fire. But after being apart for a while I studied and waited for my visa to the U.S. Things happened. And after returning home from my last trip with my wife, and prolonging the decision for as long as I could. In March 2017, she gave me the news. She wanted a divorce. Of course, I cried. But instead of being angry about it all, I took the time to reflect on our relationship. Thinking about the things that I had done wrong. My thoughts always came to my psoriasis, and how I used it as an excuse to hold me back.

I have always felt that psoriasis held me back from having a good life. I thought of it as a death wish. And I used it as an excuse for many things. Especially, as a reason why I couldn’t come to the U.S sooner to be with my wife because of the high price of the medicines that I needed. And I couldn’t have children because of the pain that I would have been in because of the psoriatic arthritis that I was developing. I was hiding behind my psoriasis as a reason to why I couldn’t do many things.

I hated hiding behind the medicines and using it as an excuse. So I decided that I wasn’t going to hide behind it anymore. A week after the divorce notice. I stopped taking all my medicines and wrote a message on my mirror what I was going to be psoriasis free.

In my mind, I thought that my psoriasis was only going to get worse for a week before it got better. After stopping my methotrexate, my Psoriasis started to flare up and spread across my body. I was constantly itchy. The piles of skin in my room grew from one cup of skin a week, to one cup of skin a day. I was still using creams to help with them, but it wasn’t really doing much. The flare-up was getting worse and I couldn’t stop it.

Two weeks after stopping the methotrexate, all the pain that I was worried about hit me. My ankles were in constant pain, my knees would inflame to a point where I was not able to ride my bike or walk to school. I remember downing 6 ibuprofen tablets to ease the pain. When that didn’t work I went to the doctors to get stronger medicines.

After two months of pain, everything calmed down. the inflammation decreased. The pain in my joints went away I was happy, I was finally getting it under control. The only big problem now was the psoriasis scales. The creams were not helping me with the itchiness and I decided to throw them away as well. This, of course, made things even worse. I had no reprieve from the itchiness and the blood. I was using moisturizer and coconut oil to help, but it wasn’t doing much.

One night when the itching became unbearable, I went to my room and thought that I would search more information about Psoriasis on youtube. Something that I had done before that yielded no results. The search lead me to a channel called Psoriasis Buddy, with the first video popping up being his long journey to getting his psoriasis under control. I was excited. What did he do that helped? He became a Raw Gluten-free Vegan, that also limited his consumption of night-shades. I spent three hours that night looking at his videos and what he recommended.  I read the testimonials and thought that I would like to try that myself. I had tried being a vegan once, and it wasn’t too hard, as long as I didn’t allow myself to taste meat. I wouldn’t go off the handle like last time.

In the first week, after I new diet, things got worse. The scales were growing, and my legs decided that they wanted to get inflamed again, which caused the itchiness in my legs to be unbearable. I was scratching my legs from the moment I woke up until I could force myself to sleep at night. But I thought if John could do it, so could I. And I kept at it.

Three weeks after starting the diet, things started to calm down. The scales were getting less predominate and the skin in my room showed a remarkable decrease, going back down to 2 cups a week. My friends were now remarking at how my skin looked a lot better.

I have been on the new diet now for two months. And the flaked skin in my room is non-existent. The itchiness that I used to get, especially, when I wear jeans for a long time, has gone. And when I do scratch the psoriatic area’s no white flakey skin shows anymore, a long with no bleeding. I wake up every morning now, looking at my skin, and seeing the slow change that is making its way around my body.

When I look at my skin now, I feel happy that I have this condition under control. I thank John from Psoriasis Buddy for guiding me in the direction that I am going now. I especially thank my ex-wife for giving me the lesson that I needed. To stop feeling sorry for myself, and just do what I need to do to help myself. This journey that I am taking is slow. It took John 8 months to really reduce it down, and he had some trials and errors on his path. I am lucky to have found him when I did. And I am grateful for that.

Psoriasis’s Buddy Youtube Channel

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